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Being a data scientist in the healthcare domain and a true mathematician at heart, I have always been fascinated with how complex systems such as that of hospitals efficiently utilize optimization algorithms to make the maximum use of their skilled manpower ensuring highest standards of patient care. This article is based on a case study taken from Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, CA and how they enabled their organization in determining an efficient weekly schedule to assign operating rooms (ORs) to different departments in a hospital with limited resources.


In most hospitals around the country, surgeons are paid based the…

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If you’ve ever been enthralled by the idea of having life after death, there’s a high probability of you encountering a person who is living a second life. Thanks to the phenomenal efforts made by medical researchers around the globe, that have given rise to advanced surgical procedures and finally made organ donation and transplantation a reality. However, despite having 90 percent of US adults support for organ donation, less than 60 percent of them actually sign up as a registered donor. …

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The Oil & Gas sector is globally regarded as the 3rd largest industry after Health Insurance and Pension Funds, generating a revenue close to USD $3.3 trillion over the last 5 years. It is widely considered as the lifeline to sustain the businesses of major industries such as Defense, Aviation and Transportation.

Crude oil, commonly known as “black gold” is a scarce resource which when carefully distilled in a refinery passing through series of chemical processes, synthesizes to produce useful products that run our daily lives such as Petrol (or Motor Spirit), Diesel, Kerosene, Paraffins, Jet Fuel, etc. …



If you’ve spent a considerable amount of time working in an oil refinery, chances are you might have come across these systematically arranged gigantic structures like the ones above. In mechanical terms, this system is that of a ‘shell-and-tube’ type heat exchangers primarily deployed for the purpose of transferring or exchanging heat from a stream of high temperature fluid to another stream of low temperature fluid or vice versa.

An optimized arrangement of heat exchangers can enable an efficient channel for industrial fluids to be re-directed in other processes or ensure proper discharge in adjacent water bodies without causing significant…

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